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1. Data protection and security/ privacy (Privacy policy)

OutsiderRacing is the only owner of the data, which have  been collected on this website. I will never sell, distribute or rent the personal information to third parties, nor will I use them in any other way as stated in this disclaimer.  OutsiderRacing collects data from the users of this website from the various sources which can be found here.


Data collection is made through different ways and with specific instruments, such as: professional software for traffic control, as a result of saving data in the databases of the various contact forms on this website, which are filled out by the users etc.


I use the IP addresses in order to analyse the surfing habits, to administer our website, to determine the preferences of the users and to collect demographical data for internal purposes. All of these measures are intended to make the website more user-friendly and to increase the amount of information on the site which corresponds to the interests of the users.  IP adresses are not related in any way to personal data.


2. Newsletter service

Your e-mail address will be automatically subscribed to the newsletter of the website www.OutsiderRacing.com by downloading the free resources or by placing an order. Each edition of the newsletter will also contain the way you can unsubscribe from it. When choosing this option the e-mail address will be unsubscribed automatically, without further consent of the users. Following data can be requested from the user: name, surname, e-mail, address, company etc.


3. Downloading the free resources

If the user wants to download the resources, which are available to him on the website, he has to mention an e-mail and a name.  He will be automatically subscribed to the newsletter (see nr.2) with this e-mail. Customer data will be collected exclusively for statistical purposes and will not be used for any other purpose, except the ones stated in this disclaimer.


If I will decide to make changes to the website policy, I will publish these changes on the homepage. This way the users will constantly be informed about the information I collect, how I intend to use them and under which circumstances.  If I decide to use the personal data for other purposes or in a form different to the one valid at the time of the input, I will inform the users about this through an e-mail. Then the users can or can not agree to this change in the purposes of using their personal data. I will use the data according to the valid policy from the moment of their input.


4. [The use of] Cookies:

This website uses cookies – information data which is saved on the hard drive of the user and which contain information about them. The use of this tool  (the cookies) to the advantage of the users, as it will allow saving their surfing preferences: the language used when surfing on this webpage, the various filters which are applied to specific pages, saving the name and the password of the user for a faster access to the contents of this site.


However, if the user doesn`t want to allow a certain cookie, this doesn`t mean that he is denied the access to surfing  on this website or reading its contents. The owners of the website can monitor and distribute the users` interests for specific areas or offers of the website as e result of using cookies. This allows furthermore an improved experience during surfing, the insertion of contents which are relevant for the user etc.


By agreeing to this present document – „Privacy policy“ – the users will accept the eventual risks (which could occur) entirely.